More Attention = More Success: Add Premium Features

Increase the success rate of your business listing with Yalwa’s Premium Features! With Premium Features you can be sure that your business will not be overlooked.

Top Listing

Your business listing on top

First come, first served! With the “Top Listing” feature, you will always find your business at the top of the listings for your chosen category. This guarantees that your listing will not be overlooked by other users!

More attention - more success!

  • Top position in the category
  • Be noticed with the “TOP” label
  • More clicks, higher success rate

The Top Listing is our bestseller. Get up to 10 times more clicks on your listing.

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Pole Position new

Your listing will be shown at the peak of all other listings in your chosen category. The Pole Position listing is shown on the first and all consecutive pages in first position. This feature significantly increases the visibility of your listing and has higher click rates than regular Top Listings. In case of multiple purchases, the Pole Position appears in rotation.
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City Extension

Do you want your listing to appear in nearby cities or even nationwide? Our new “City Extension” upgrade is your best bet to reach all your target customers. With this upgrade, your listing will appear as “Sponsored Listing” at the top of your chosen category. City Extension Listings are visible in all the pages of a category. If there are more “Sponsored Listings” purchased at a time, they will be shown in rotation. Reach out to more potential customers with the “City Extension” and significantly increase the success of your listing.
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Gallery Listing

Your business listing in the Category-Gallery

Draw everyone’s attention to your business! The “Gallery Listing” feature shows your listing in the Category-Gallery on the right side of every page in the selected category. Purchase a Gallery Listing now and increase the chances of success for your business listing.

More attention - More success!

  • Exclusive position on the category page
  • Appears on all the category pages
  • Significant increase in clicks

The Gallery Listing delivers a significant increase on click rates due to its special format.

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Premium Listing

Your business listing in an ad-free environment

Bring your business to the forefront! With the “Premium Listing” display feature, all advertising banners and references to other businesses are removed from your page. In addition, your Premium Listing will be highlighted on your chosen category’s results page in yellow, and with a “Premium” label. Purchase a Premium Listing today!

  • No third party ads on your ad page
  • Stand out with the “Premium” label and the yellow background
  • More attention, more clicks

The Premium Listing draws the full attention of potential clients exclusively towards your listing.

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